Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Indian Craze...

It seems as though all these Native Indian inspired designs have been around recently. Everybody is in on it, even me! Not too long ago I bought a tee with a Native Indian headdress on it! I love it....
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I think this is a great fad to get in on... there are plenty of really cool clothing designs and jewelry too that I think are really cool. Here are some you might want to check out! ...

  This necklace/body chain is a very cool way to dress up any outfit. It fits over your neck and your arms go through the side. It shows in the back too which I think is a really interesting touch. The colors can liven an outfit and over all not too expensive! This necklace/body chain is only $30.00 at TOPSHOP! Click here to buy it!

This fringe dress is very cute. You can wear this as a cute day dress and it looks really cute with boots. Its the perfect length and guaranteed to turn a few heads. You can get this dress on sale for $151.20 at PlanetBlue. Click here to buy it!

This tank from Wildfox is SUPER cute and you can wear it with almost anything! This shirt has been seen on celebrities such as Venessa Hudgens and Alessandra Ambrosio. It fits loose and is definitely on my list to buy.. You can get it here for $70.00

This shirt is cute and handy. It's made of suede and has a nice color. Its great for high waist-ed trousers because of its "crop top" shape. Get it here at FreePeople for $148.00...

These Minnetonka boots are hand made with the softest suede and are extremely comfortable. I have a pair myself! They mold to your foot and honestly, I could wear them all day! You can get them here for $89.00. A great price for shoes you could easily have for the next twenty years!!

This sweater from UrbanOutfitters is adorable. It works with jeans and is perfect for a long skirt with boots. If you like the baggy-er look order a size or two up! The red is a great color and the design is perfectly ethnic! Get it here  on sale for $49.00!

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  1. Your blog is really lovely! The indian craze is definitely a persistent fad in fashion these days. I like this post a lot.