Monday, January 2, 2012

Eye envy....spring/summer 2012

Back to the 50's

Jimmy choo, $495
Tarina Tarantino prom hair accessory, $45
Forever21 star belt, $3
Lancôme 'L'Extrême' Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara, $25
Prada Infusion De Rose Eau De Parfum, $105
Bic Set Of 4 Pens 2 Colors, €10
Ikea Socker, $1.49
Sticker Cadillac - Stickers muraux - Mandellia, €14
Crystal & Gems Screen Print, £85
Temperley London True British Alice Temperley by Alice Temperley..., $65
Marc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Stardust Logo iPhone 4G case, $40
Macaroon 8-Pack Collection - Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, $56
Pochette -, €220
Scrapbooking - Pebbles - Mr & Mrs - Candy Dots - Strass rose pale, €4,21
Jimmy Choo Teddy glitter-finished leather luggage tag, $195
Assorted Gem Set 2 Mold by First Impressions, $16


As always... every woman who isn't as wealthy as a celebrity eye envy's the Hermes Berkin bag.. I especially drool over this color.. 

Of course we envy those lucky women with the beautiful Roberto Cavalli bag on her arm...especially these spring/summer 2012 beauties....
Next we have the always beautiful Celine bags which cost a mint but make everything look a little more elegant, classy, and down right envy-worthy....even in spring/summer 2012....

If anybody knows how to create truly eye envy generating's the infamous Valentino and his knack for creating chic, jaw dropping "must haves" that most of us can't afford to grasp..

Who wouldn't envy a bright new spring/summer 2012 pair of Yves Saint Laurent pumps?....

Or would you prefer the extremely eye envious creating Louis Vuitton pointed pumps? Edgy and modern and still sophisticated...

Eye envy always has a guilty pleasure, I like to call "Miu Miu fever".....always interesting Miu Miu seems to always incorporate the oddest of shapes and yet I still love them even if I'm not sure why...

There always has to be the more urban savvy option with Rag and Bone couture... These shoes have my eyes green-er than ever...
Are you a more casual kind of shoe person? Maybe a shoe to wear to a lunch date? Envy these Bottega Veneta peep toes....

There is no passing up these fantastically envious eye worthy heels by Alexander Wang... mid size heel, pointed toe, these shoes are a killer!

Tell me what shoes and bags you have your envious eye on!


  1. wow! These shoes are amazing!!! Thank you for your nice words! Would be great to follow each other and stay in touch...:-*

  2. i love all of the YSL shoes! and those studded bags. i become so attached to anything pale blush pink lately.

    Great blog, thanks so much for the comment you left on my own. i'm following back !! :D

  3. Ohhh I'm in love with the Roberto Cavalli bags. Such fun colours!

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  5. I always have my eye on Birkin bag twins (the real Birkin five-figure price tag is excessive on principle. I hate how cocky Hermes is about its prestige) like Marco Tagliaferri. I'm also looking to expend my Jimmy Choo collection this year :)

  6. I agree! Hermes needs to at least merge with somebody or create a line some of us can actually afford!

    Thanks for commenting ladies!

  7. Amazing finds - love clutches from Valentino and shoes from ysl! Totally must haves!


  8. I love the 2012 Yves Saint Laurent shoes, especially the first one, had my eye on it forever...BTW, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, you can see it here:

  9. Your blog is insane and so are the shoes in this post!
    So glad I came across you.
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