Friday, December 30, 2011

another day

Hello everybody! Today is another day and I have lots of things to do. Hopefully I have time to put an outfit together today to show you and post on lookbook... I got this diesel watch for Christmas and I really like it..It goes with everything and is comfortable. You can get it for $119.00 here at or full price of $165.00 at diesel online store.

  I never really wore watches before this one but now that I have it, I'm wondering why I never did! Then I started shopping around for watches I thought were are some watches you might like and I suggest you buy!....

This Nixon watch is such a cute color and nice and sleek. You can get it here at asos for 99.00... very cute!

This watch is also from asos and is very classy and inexpensive! You can get it here for only $22.73!
This watch is cute and simple and can o with just about every outfit. It's modern and sleek, cute and handy! you can get it here at 80spurple for only $32.00!

Need some color? Here is a cute watch by la mer that will bring some color pop to your outfit. You can get it here at UrbanOutfitters for $98.00...

This watch is classy and sophisticated for the right price! The large face is a good stand out element and it still stays elegant! This classic men's wear watch is such a cute touch to any outfit, women dont be shy its unisex! Adding a little masculine touch to your outfit is a great way to make an outfit casual or just plain cute! It also comes in white.... You can get this watch here at UrbanOutfitters for a great price of only $29.00!

Leave a comment and tell me which watch you like best! Do you like any? Show me your favorite watch! xxx


  1. I got a red Sekonda watch for Christmas and I love it! I also love the gold Casio ones! :)

  2. picture number 5 is the best for me :) anyway i really like your blog! you've a great sense of fashion

  3. I love your style and blog!! So inspiring to me...

    I'm following you now and hope you follow me too...;-)

    kisses and Happy New Year!!


  4. thanks guys! I will def follow you! remember if you want to see more outfits just check out my page! xoxo

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  7. I love all those watches! They are so beautiful and fit with any type of outfit/look. I'm so following your blog! Follow back?