Thursday, December 29, 2011

...Things to buy...

I am always less endowed when it comes to money, than I wish... I tend to try to find things cheap when I can and save up for the good stuff... I have been doing some photo shoots but still on a job search! :/ BUT! Here are some items I am definitely saving up the green for....and suggest to anyone to buy..

I grew up going to a catholic school where I had to wear Dr. Martins everyday...I didn't appreciate them as much then but I sure do now. I want these boots!! I suggest these boots to anyone, men and women.. they are stiff at first but when you break these puppies in, they are comfy! They last forever as well....

These Blackmilk galaxy leggings are definitely on my list of things to buy... They are edgy and cute, they can be matched with so many things and are just plain cool. I must have them! I read reviews that said these leggings are very comfortable and that is important. these are a must have for sure...


These shorts have been on my mind/list for THE longest time... These shorts look good on just about everybody. The way they fit in the waist, the star studs, all of it is just Perfect! These continue to be on my must have list, till I can convince myself to pay the price it takes to have them.....Till then, these are my 3 absolutely must haves for the day! Hope you enjoy!

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